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Happy Marriage Book - Dr. Aref Arslan

Happy Marriage Book - Dr.  Aref Arslan
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Happy Marriage Book - Dr. Aref Arslan

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Happy marriage - Dr.  Aref Arslan

 product specification :

 Publisher: Sena Publishing

 Author: Dr.  Aref Arslan

 Casing quality: soft cover

 Page quality: imported paper (second pulp)

 Pages: 174

 Turkish language

 Size: 13.5 x 21 cm

 Weight: 194 grams.

 Barcode: 9786058079267


 Knowledge depends on learning, but on taste.  It means learning by living.  As someone with serious experiences with this, I think it is an epidemic and a responsibility to tell society what to pay attention to and how to live, what type of marriage and what to pay attention to after marriage in order to avoid such problems.

 Although it is permissible to marry or divorce on the basis of religion, divorce is not recommended because it causes many deaths, resentment and resentment.

 • Why do people get married?

 Why does the man who wants to marry want this?

 • What does a person think about marriage, what does he do, how he acts, and what applies to him?

 • What does he want from his wife after marriage?

 What are the criteria that spouses choose each other?

 • Does a man choose to marry only?

 Doesn't a woman have a choice?

 • Who is halal / free or forbidden / forbidden to marry?  What characteristics do women look for in a man, what do they pay attention to, and why do they marry?

 What are the rules of marriage in our religion?  Where do customs and traditions arise in this matter and what do they command?  What is the reason for family disputes and divorce?  What are the duties of a man or a woman when the fight begins?  Is it permissible for newlyweds to live with their parents?  What must be taken into account in raising a child?  In which year of marriage can a child be born?  How are the first years of marriage, what are the most important issues to consider in these years?

 If you want to know the answers to the questions asked, make a correct and healthy marriage, and create a happy home, it is helpful to learn the examples and recommended practices.

 If you met the opposite sex before marriage from this book, we recommend that you read very carefully the first chapter, then get married.  If you introduce them after marriage, we hope that as someone who has benefited from the advice in Part One, you will say, “You did a good job, my wife has all of these qualities.”  We also hope that by reading for information, and not just for the sake of your own life, you at least not make the mistakes you make in your life while marrying your children.

 Dr.  Aref Arslan Istanbul, 2020


 Presentation 07

 part One

 When it comes to getting married

 The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to marriage 11

 Wedding and Family 12

 Marriage procedures 19

 24- Women’s Thoughts

 What kind of marriage?  35

 Marriage with love 36

 Marriage and Colors 38

 Wedding season 40

 Marriage and the Relationship of Destiny 45

 Forced marriage 47

 Forbidden marriages 49

 Second part

 Some problems encountered in marriage


 Male Characteristics 57

 Family Discussions 75

 Recommendations for women 79

 A man’s rights over his wife 93

 Do you know your wife?  104

 Parental rights 111

 Men perks 118

 Do women have to men?  123

 Is good worship swordfish?  125

 Treat women well!  129

 Women and marriage 132

 How many matches are you?  135

 Consult with women?  138

 Happy Marriage and Understanding Women 140

 Do not be afraid to marry!  143

 Dignity, chastity and jealousy 146

 Punishment 150

 Working woman and family 152

 Family and Child 155

 Women and Motherhood 158

 Benefits of Divorce 163

 The five rules of a happy marriage 168

 1. Love 169

 Respect 2. 169

 3. Fidelity 170

 4. Loyalty 171

 5. Responsibility 173


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