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The Book of Encyclopedia of the Deans of Prayer

The Book of Encyclopedia of the Deans of Prayer
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The Book of Encyclopedia of the Deans of Prayer

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The Salavati Sheriffs glazed encyclopedia

 product specification :

 Publisher: Pamuk Publishing
 Author: Aref Pamuk
 Casing quality: soft cover
 Page quality: imported paper
 Pages: 496
 Size: 14 x 19.5 cm
 Barcode: 9789752943698
 an introduction

 My dear faithful brother!
 There is no doubt that bringing prayer to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, is a shine for the eyes, a light for the eye of the heart, love and happiness for the hearts, a comfort for the souls, the sweetness of the eye, keeping amber for gatherings, the taste of our table, zakat for life, and it is one of the most important reasons that relieve beauty, sadness and sorrow, and remove sadness.  Love and tenderness are born, breasts revitalize, scholars mature, and increase and continue the light.
 Conversation with Salavât and conversation gets sweeter and darker.  The words and words spoken to him come back to life, people become happy, and abundance and peace are achieved.
 Yes, in short, loyalty to the Sunnah of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, is a guide to success, the path of salvation, and its direction.
 Obi B.  Kaab, may God be pleased with him, to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace:
 & Mdash.  O Messenger of God!  I salute you.  How many prayers should I bring you in general (on average)?  The prophet Peace Be Upon Him said:
 "You can bring (me) prayers as much as you want!"
 Once again: How is a quarter of my prayer (enough?) He said: As much as you want, but it is better to increase it.
 & Mdash.  If I devote half of my prayers to (yours) prayer!
 He said: If the time increases, you say what you want, then it is better for you.
 If I divide all my prayers into salava?
 The prophet Peace Be Upon Him said:
 Then all your worries and worries will be gone, and your sins forgiven.
 Remembrance of his name in the first and second prayers, Friday and Eid sermons, rain prayers, marriage contracts, scientific gatherings, writing (beginning) books and letters, writing contracts and bills, gathering friends and leaving them, at the beginning and end of the prayer.  In the morning and evening to remember and glorify, in sadness and grief, in the loss of something, in the occurrence of accidents, in copying a book, in talking about his life, in expressing his miracles.  Ideal stories, moral life, and in other important situations, it is the duty of every Muslim to salute.
 Oh God Almighty, the sole owner of the makinat, to your beloved and Hatimon prophets, Muhammad Mustafa (s.f.);  When flowers are scattered everywhere, every time a Nightingale is burning, joy and secrets are revealed, and purposeful pigeons cry out, greet and mercy.
 Mercy is upon Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, as you flow and pour the clear water from the tops of the waterfalls into the depths of the valleys, while the morning winds pass silently and silently for long distances, while the eyes shed silently from the greatness of God Almighty and God.  The glow of the faces of the enlightened believers from the endless glory of God, may God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.
 Our great master!  Have mercy on Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, while night and day come and go one by one, when the rains fall on the ground to give life to all living things, while the trees bear fruit and when the wind embraces and swings!
 my Lord!  Have mercy on the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, when the darkness of the night slowly envelops everywhere and the stars are scattered like the dome of the sky.
 Gosh!  As soon as the clouds full of pills of rain cover the sky, at that exciting time, when the inhabitants of the earth are looking forward to the fall of rain, greet the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace)!
 Our Great Lord!  While the scale disappears, when the hearts indulge people with their joy, and when the divine sciences cry with their qualifications, they have mercy on the Messenger, his people and his companions, and the believers who follow their path and will.  Come to Judgment Day.
 Just as the moral ethics of the Messenger of God (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him) earn a person a reward, so leaving the good morals of the Qur’an out of life and abandoning its moral values ​​will also earn man a sin.  The path and direction that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, took in his life.  It is the Qur’an itself.  That is, the Sunnah that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, lived and followed is the application of the Qur’an to life.
 There is no doubt that the denial of the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, of the Sunnah, hadiths, and the narration of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, or belittling them, is absolutely contrary to Islam and the Qur’an.  Circumcision, the most specific source of the religion of Islam after the Qur’an, is considered to be its clear and distinct place in the works of the source.
 & Acirc;  Nowadays: [Al-Hashr: 7]
 "Take what the Prophet gave you, and stay away from what He forbade you. Beware of disobeying God. The torment of God is cruel."  She texted.
 Do what the Prophet commanded you, and avoid what he forbade.  You should know that he commands everything good and appropriate.  He forbids all kinds of evil and corruption.
 It is imperative for everyone who is a slave of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, to love him more than himself, his children, his parents and all people.  In addition, God Almighty must confirm and obey the decrees that were revealed to Him.  He must also avoid things that are forbidden.  In addition to that, it is also necessary to consider the hadiths that came to us from him by way of tawrat.
 Only sir!  May God bless you:
 "Without you, without you, I wouldn't have created the universe."  Command.
 In times when humankind was struggling with darkness and trampling truth and truth on behalf of the truth, the immense glow of "almighty light" was spreading from the city of Mecca to the world.  The grass was getting greener, the lambs were bursting, and the birds were singing differently.  It is clear that mercy will fall on the bosom of a world that thirsts for mercy.
 & Acirc;  In the Teh desert in Yavuz, where the elegant people were chanting sweet melodies after centuries, the invaders stormed many continents with his love, when he was going for jihad, “He is walking in front of us now, I cannot act like this when he is in this state.”  The "beloved" that he walked and walked barefoot, Sultan Ahmed carried his footprint on his head until the end of his life and noted, for the sake of who will sacrifice our blood to the last drop, open his eyes to the world and note;
 He said to our Master: As long as you live, I am the servant of the Qur’an.  I am the dust and dust of the Prophet Muhammad Mukhtar.  It was the supreme figure of that sweetheart that made me say.  Wasn't he human who installed the conqueror on the roads of Istanbul and made a colossal effort to operate ships from land?
 Islamic history is full of legends of those people who love him.  It is a blessing for every Muslim to revive this great prophet whose existence we owe until his suns faded away.
 Is the duty.  The practice of every stage of his life and every stage of our life is possible only by getting to know him.
 He is so great by the greatness that God Almighty has attained from the greatness of His holiness and His dignity, which are all big and small beside Him.  All the glory of it.  From him every greatness.  To him be glory and honor.
 Those who defended his light fly his soul to Arsha.  The lucky ones, held by his hand, are chosen from among people and cast light on hearts.
 This book is an expression of our passionate love and our unbreakable devotion to you.  As the world stands still, you will be the only true Lover in our hearts.  Despite our many sins, everyone from your nation is bound to you more than a crazy love for Laila every moment his name is mentioned.  Although our tongue cannot praise you, our heart beats with the love of Muhammad.
 O Apostolic!
 I don't have the strength to set up a tent next to you and be a neighbor.  I don't have money so I can buy a house in your neighborhood.  I want an ear and an eye for that.  Let me listen to your blessed voice with my ears, let me see your blessed face with my eyes.
 O Apostolic!  Hearts without your light are empty, hearts deprived of your love are dark, and people deprived of your looks are miserable.
 O believer!
 On these days when I feel the sun of life approaching the group, I gathered my prayer saints, whom I preferred very high, in order to make better use of the remaining time.  If we can evaluate our remaining days with this prayer of honor, we will fill our book of deeds with good deeds in no time.
 Among the conditions of loyalty to him is that we greet our Prophet, who caused the greatest revolution in the universe, with great respect and love.

 What happiest lucky people that he will intercede!
 & Mdash.  & Mdash;
 Abdullah B.  Salavât-ı erifesi of Mes'ûd (r.a.) 300
 Salavât-i-Lâhûtiyyesi of Abdülkâdir Geylâni 59
 To improve morals 325
 Family Benefits 362
 God Happens with Friends 367
 Donate the sins of God Almighty 370
 Allah's Apostle saw in a dream 370
 God sees His Messenger in a dream 386
 May God protect him 318
 Be one of the beloved servants of God 348
 414 with a strength of six hundred thousand predecessors
 Forgive the sins of his parents 371
 His Majesty envelops the universe
 Asir 304
 Azmiya Prayers 389
 & Mdash.  B & mdash;
 425 with the strength of five hundred thousand predecessors
 426 and emsp with a strength of five hundred thousand predecessors.
 For its abundant power is 329
 Getting rid of debt 432
 For the sake of this Salafism, my Lord is Forgiving, My Lord is Forgiving 194
 In Depression and Boredom 195
 They hear everything mentioned 321
 319- Frog
 & Mdash.  C & mdash;
 Getting rid of miserliness 331
 Those Who Want A Lot More Benefits 190
 Helps avoid excessive sleep 344
 & Mdash.  D & mdash;
 Always being peaceful 192
 Getting rid of distress 316
 Guide of good deeds forty times
 The reading equals to 420
 Reading the Guide to Good Deeds is equivalent to 419
 Evidence for Herat seventy thousand
 The reading equals 421
 For Desires 191,
 344, 422, 423
 Wisdom speaks the language 363
 To Confirm Prayer 332
 The death of his enemy 315
 His enemy will destroy 352
 Their enemies wreak havoc 347
 & Mdash.  Mail & mdash;
 To see our Lord in a dream 440
 Very virtuous, our Lord reads it
 Salavât-ı ırife 58
 His Holiness, Prince Al-Bukhari in calamities
 Reading against sulfate 459
 The Salafi Virtues 193
 Included in the council of Arnler 375
 Ar-Raf - Ar-Rahiym Salawat 384
 Laughter heard 345 things
 It detects events in Universe 349
 Athan 447
 & Mdash.  & Mdash;
 Eminence Salavât-ı iferif by Huja Osman Effendi from Fatih Dersiams
 Lessons are about 52
 Ferik Prayer 131
 & Mdash.  G & mdash;
 Foundations of secret science 328
 Curtain height in the sky 306
 Salavât-ı ırife 455 Gönenli Mehmed Efendi proposes to his students
 MUST READ AGAINST Ophthalmic Diseases ... 437
 Cleanse of sins 442
 To cleanse of sins 444
 Forgiveness 355
 Their sins are forgiven 314 Their sins are forgiven 354
 For forgiveness of sins 188
 Asking Forgiveness for Sins 326
 & Mdash.  H & mdash;
 For I Heard and Wish 356
 Show the right way 363
 Prayers of His Holiness Hassan Azli 64
 Those who suffer from envy 321
 Treating illness and stress 197
 335- Tapered Tablets
 For a job well done 430
 Hara Kouser 353
 Hazrat Abdullah b.  Prayers of Abbas 299
 Prayer of Hazrat Ali 199
 Prayers recited by Fatima 395
 Prayer of the Prophet Fatima 200
 The virtue of reciting the sacred names of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, 461
 Seeing the Prophet in a dream 153
 For both the world and the happiness of the hereafter.  196
 Every wish occurs 67
 Everyone respects him 320
 Respected by everyone. 330
 Al-Khader Prayer 305
 Wisdom speaks 335
 Helly Sharif 68
 He lives in peace 372
 & Mdash.  I & mdash;
 Divine Flood Science 333
 The secret of knowledge is given 340
 The Prayer of His Holiness Imam Al-Yafei 302
 It occurs in Faith 364
 Death for Faith 391
 Prayer 387
 323 people trust him
 360 people help
 People are calling to truth 365
 For the ability to manage people 352
 Achieve business success 397
 Aziza Al-Libassi in dress 382.
 & Mdash.  K & mdash;
 He strengthens belief in Fate 361
 Knows the secrets of the 313 universe
 Norla Heart Dollar 380
 362- Frog
 Heart Correction 310
 317- Frog
 322- Frog
 To cleanse the heart 308
 Affects hearts 341
 He revives hearts 343
 237- Greetings
 Kaside-i Bürde 201
 Meaning of the word Cassidy Purdy 255
 The virtue of reading Almadry poem 69
 385- FAMCID - 20mg MG
 Drinking water 376 from Kefsar
 339- Frog
 Ahmad Salwa tribe 134
 Protects from bad guys 360
 Shielded from slag 326
 To Protect Against Evil 332
 Salat Qutb The Book of Ahmad Al-Rifa’i 301
 & Mdash.  L & mdash;
 Prayer of Merit 387
 & Mdash.  & Mdash.
 For physical and spiritual ascent 312
 For physical and spiritual strength 347
 For physical and spiritual strength 311
 For spiritual degree 324
 For spiritual conquests 317
 Under Spiritual Protection 351
 Founds the 350 spiritual secrets
 The Light of Merit 342
 Melivan Prayers 400
 Being Merciful 356
 Salwa Fatah Mohiuddin Arab 66
 Prayer to Moses 390
 383- Frog
 & Mdash.  N & mdash;
 To improve oneself 343
 A generation that reaches happiness 365
 & Mdash.  O & mdash;
 307- FAMOX - 10mg / 5ml MG
 & Mdash.  P & mdash;
 Prayer of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace 151
 Shamali, our Prophet 15
 & Mdash.  R & mdash;
 Intention before praying upon the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace 50
 Approaching the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace 399
 To show sustenance 336
 Opening the gates of sustenance 315
 To Spirituality of the Prophet 198
 443 for spiritual development
 For spiritual healing 313
 & Mdash.  S & mdash;
 Patience and Peace 366
 The importance of Salah Salah 17
 Destination of the Prophet 452
 Hurricane 427
 Kevsar Salads 176
 Cevsar 169
 Salavat-ı Kübrâ 75
 What kind of work and advantages in bringing the sheriff salad?  55
 151- MR
 Eighty Years of Sins Forgiven 190
 To earn rewards 369
 To win love 188
 To escape from boredom 314
 388- Frog
 Those who seek intercession 187
 The Vow of Intercession 421
 Intercession qualifies 368
 Smash Satan 338
 He is protected from the evil of Satan 309
 303- FAMOX - 10mg MG
 Protected by partnership 345
 To give thanks 367
 & Mdash.  T & mdash;
 Opening the door of repentance 349
 & Mdash.  U & mdash;
 & Mdash.  & Mdash;
 Reading it three times is equivalent to reading the Guide to Good Deeds 417
 Olft salafati 378
 & Mdash.  V & mdash;
 The light of the state 350
 & Mdash.  P & mdash;
 Seven hundred thousand predecessors power 416
 401 with a power of seventy thousand predecessors
 327- Feeling sick
 409 out of a hundred thousand Slavs is strength
 Treatment of acne 373
 408 with a strength of one hundred and twenty thousand predecessors
 & Mdash.  Z & mdash;
 The perdition of cruelty 354
 Guarded from the evil of oppressors 311
 Shelter for the weak 346
 For Wealth 359


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